Want to take control of your life? Remove anxiety, stress or depression; get rid of addictions; stop smoking; lose weight or overcome a fear or phobia?

My therapies of NLP, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and EMDR all work effectively together to help you identify what is holding you back and enable you to safely make the changes so you can enjoy life as you want to. It’s not always obvious why we do things.

Just image if nothing was holding you back: - What would you be doing with your life? What would you not be doing with your life? How would you feel about yourself?

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If you are ready to change then I can help you. Contact me today for a no obligation chat about how I can help you.



Hypnotherapy is like a mind massage. Many of my clients say I should just advertise this service as with today’s stressful daily lives it is a wonderful way to relax and let go of stress for an hour.


NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do.

Stress Manager

Everyone reacts differently to situations and what may stress you may have little impact on a friend or colleague.


I would like to thank you for my recent sessions of hypnotherapy and support you have provided over the last few months. After explaining my concerns with a phobia of a medical nature I instantly felt reassured that you would help me be there and support my partner whilst giving birth to our baby in hospital.   Your professionalism and experience in hypnotherapy and NLP was instantly apparent and after my therapy I felt confident and positive.   I’m pleased to say I supported my wife throughout the whole of the birth and witnessed the most amazing event of my life, the birth of our daughter.     I could not have achieved this without your help and support.
GM, Bromsgrove
The anxiety problems I had were beginning to become a problem, as I would often struggle with dealing with thoughts.   In the sessions I had with you I was made to feel very comfortable and I was aware that confidentiality and professionalism was a large part of your work ethic, which made me very comfortable with the process. I will be very happy to recommend your services to anyone I know, who was going through the same things as me and would like to say thank you again as it has enabled me to keep calm.
SH, Worcester
It was suggested by my Chiropractor that a hypnotherapist may be able to help with my headaches and migraines.   Angie range me a few days later and after a chat she felt she may be able to help.   As Angie explained we all have baggage which we gather throughout our lives.   After three sessions she helped me put the ‘baggage’ into perspective.   My wife felt I was happier and calmer and also the migraines I had been suffering from have reduced considerably.   I have suffered from headaches and migraines for over 30 years and I accepted that I would always be a sufferer, however Angie has changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to her.
MD Kidderminster