Is your addiction damaging your life?

  • Costing you money?
  • Making you depressed?
  • Causing you social anxiety?

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you to understand why you are addicted and help you make the changes to stop smoking; stop gambling or drinking alcohol. You only need to decide you want to stop and then I can help you. On a scale of 1 -10 (10 being I really want to stop) if you are over an 8 then get it touch and start stopping now.

Stopping Smoking

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is easy and usually there are no withdrawal symptoms. The hardest thing you have to do is find something to do instead of smoking. I have found that one session is sufficient but will always offer a free follow up within a month if for any reason you feel it necessary.

I had a new client recently who rang saying he had tried to stop smoking with patches, gum etc and always failed but a work colleague had recommended him to see me as she hadn’t smoked since having one session with me. I’m pleased to say he has succeeded in stopping smoking and this has improved his confidence and reduced his stress.

Stopping Gambling

Stop Gambling with hypnotherapy and NLP works by helping you look at why you gamble, when , where and how and then helping you make the changes you need to make. Everyone is individual and have their own reasons for gambling so the sessions will be tailor made for you. For this reason it is difficult to specify the number of sessions required but on average 4 to 6 sessions usually brings significant change.

Stopping Drinking

Stop Drinking with Hypnotherapy and NLP. There are many differing opinions as to whether alcohol addiction can be ‘cured’. However by using the techniques I have it is possible to make changes, by looking at why you drink and what else is going on in your life significant improvements can be made and your choice to drink should be back in your control.

Stopping Excessive Eating

Stop Excessive Eating NLP and Hypnotherapy. Using both these techniques you can change your approach to food, enabling you to make healthy choices. Even if some of us think we are addicted to chocolate, you can make the changes you want to. See weight loss.