Do you have a fear that’s stopping you doing what you want to do?

The feeling of fear can be a useful emotion to protect you but it’s time to clear it when it’s stopping you. There are as many fears as there are people, things or situations so I can’t list them all but some of the common ones which you may relate to are :

  • fear of flying
  • fear of travelling in a lift
  • fear of heights or open spaces
  • fear of dentists, hospitals or needles
  • fear of flying insects or spiders

Working with you I can help you reduce or remove the fear so you can get on with your life.

I recently worked with a 75 year old lady who needed a tooth extracted. She felt so ill at the thought of going to the dentist, but the pain was so bad. We worked together and discovered that as a child she had had a bad experience with the school dentist and her unconscious mind was trying to protect her from being hurt again. After hypnotherapy she was far more relaxed and went to have the extraction feeling calm and knowing it was to help not hurt her.

Is your fear becoming a phobia?

A phobia can stop you in your tracks. I had a relative who froze completely and couldn’t even speak if she saw a frog – even if it was on the TV. This is how extreme phobias can become. I can work with you to put in new feelings and ways of behaving to make your phobia a thing of the past. So if you have a phobia stopping you then let me help you to let it go and become more relaxed.