Regression Therapy

Every experience we have influences the way we react to day to day events and help us function in our lives. Sometimes the past, can be the cause of the issue we wish to overcome and by visiting the event we can change what we learnt from it to help us.

What Regression can do for you

Past Life Regression therapy can assist you to understand why you do things the way you do. It can remove blockages and reveal how to positively change.
Regressing into a past life or a significant event within a current life can give us the opportunity to learn; re-experience with greater knowledge, gain understanding of why we do what we do, and why we feel how we do.
Regression can help you overcome unknown aches and pains; addictions; anger or grief or fear or even help with confidence and relationships. Whatever you require it can help. We form our thinking today based on our past experiences.

Beliefs about Past Life Regression

There are many beliefs associated with past lives. Whatever you believe is right for you; this will not affect the therapy. You may believe we are souls which can reincarnate into many lives to experience a vast amount of emotions and events or rebalance karma in order to progress and develop.
Carl Jung believed that our unconscious mind can tap into a universal memory bank, and thus be psychically able to draw upon a story which mirrors your needs at the moment.
Another possibility is that the unconscious mind may invent a story to assist you in your life’s challenges at the moment. There is no conclusive evidence of any theory. However, this does not detract from the therapeutic benefits of regression therapy.

What will Regression Therapy involve?

On the initial meeting you will have a 20-30 minutes conversation in order to clarify what you hope to discover and answer any questions you may have. If after the introduction you feel comfortable the regression can start.
In some cases eg people who may not have experienced hypnosis before, a short hypnotic relaxation may take place on the initial session and a further appointment made for the regression.
Regression is carried out in a light hypnotic trance. You will be in a safe comfortable environment and Angie will help you relax, enter your past life and guide you through it step by step, being by your side at all times.
You will have the opportunity to go to the spirit realm to meet the people in that life and resolve any of the issues raised. You may also resolve any physically traumatic issues you may experience. You will also be given the opportunity to look at similar situations in this life and gain understanding to help you move on with your life.
Everyone experiences the journey through the past life in their own way. Some people visualise, hear or smell the events; some feel the emotions whilst others intuitively know what is happening. There is no wrong or right way; you do it your own way which is perfect for you. I am there to guide you, through the process and ensure you take from it what you need.
As a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist I ensure there is always a healing aspect to the session, which may be emotional or physical.

How long will it last?

A past life regression session can last between one and three hours.