Is lack of confidence or low self-esteem holding you back?

Do you feel you aren’t good enough?

Do you think a part of you is missing?

Whether at work or play do you want to do more, know deep down you can be better?

At work: Do you wish you were more assertive?
Have more confidence to contribute in meetings or just get on with work
Do you want to feel more able to handle conflict?
Do you want to be confident, calm and relaxed doing presentations?
Feel confident, and happy with whom you are and enjoy interviews

A lady came to see me as she had to do a presentation to a large crowd, she felt sick, went red and had jelly legs – and that was just thinking about it. She felt she couldn’t do it and would have to leave her job. We worked together and in only 4 sessions she felt confident. She smiled when she thought about it and not only did she do it; was complimented on how well she presented herself but also went on to ace a job interview and get promoted!

At play: Would you like to be better at sport?
Perhaps improve your Golf – one client had the best round he’d ever hand after just one session!

Are you having difficulties with your sexual relationships?
There are times in our lives when things change, it may be you can’t do what you’ve always been able to or you become aware that something needs to change, you may be experiencing difficulties in performing, letting go and enjoying yourself and you want to change. I offer a completely confidential service to help you make the changes you want.

Do you Procrastinate or lack Motivation?

Sometimes we self sabotage to stop us doing something else because it’s easier! By finding the reason for this we can progress by using hypnotherapy for eliminating self sabotage or procrastination and assist you in making the changes you want to make and do what you really want to do. It is often the case that we have a fear about what will happen if we do something so it is easier not to do anything.

Working together we can explore the reasons and find out what motivates or demotivates you and put in new strategies for you.

One man I heard about was a business owner whose business peaked and troughed. No-one knew why, including him. After therapy he realised he only worked hard when he hadn’t got money but once he had a good income he stopped working until he was in debt again. Having realised this he could change his behaviour and maintain his success.