Anger & Grief

Are your emotions out of control?

Emotions affect us all in different ways, good and not so good at times. They can make us feel great; scared; out of control or uncomfortable. Sometimes this is to make you acknowledge how you feel so you can resolve whatever is bothering you, or get help if that’s what you need.


I often get asked do you do ‘anger management’. This is usually from people who know someone who to them always seem angry or has irrational outbursts or perhaps they feel out of control at times. The simple answer is yes. I can help you look at what triggers your anger and then help you make the changes you want; to be calmer and relaxed or to develop new habits of dealing with the things that irritate you in life.

Grief and Sadness

Anger is just one emotion; I can also help you if you are experiencing grief and sadness. Obviously if something happens to make you feel sad this is a normal reaction, it is something we will all experience in our life from time to time, but if you find that feeling of grief and sadness is stopping you from getting on with your life and making your day to day tasks difficult then we can work together to help you cope in the way you want.


Sometimes guilt can have a bigger impact on your mind and body than you realise. I expect, like me when you feel guilty because you’ve done something, or perhaps not done what you said you would, you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach. Yes there is a chemical reaction but the emotion of guilt, in my experience causes so much more. If you have any symptoms making you feel ‘out of sorts or off centre’ let us explore together where those feelings come from. I have had clients whose allergies, ibs, migraines all came from guilt that they had pushed away in the past.

I can work with you in a safe, empathetic way to help you let go of the unwanted emotions and feel so much better. You can then have room for all the good feelings you want.